Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Choose your Surface wisely with Surface Pro promo code 2013!

Owning a tablet is often a pricey affair. And choosing one is undoubtedly tricky. Make sure you are making the right choice with Microsoft Surface Pro promo code.

Microsoft zoomed into tablet-space with Surface late last year. Sporting stellar features like the touch and type covers, dual LifeCams and an integrated kickstand, it was quick to gather a steady fan following as well. Most users claimed that they loved the satisfying “crunch” with which the covers attached to the Surface. And its thoughtful magnesium casing made it as durable as stylish – adding to the overall appeal.

While Surface was also priced competitively, one bone of contention was that the touch covers were a separate buy. Many held that being the very essence of the Surface experience these should have been part of the Surface bundle. Purchasing them separately made the entire experience a pricey affair. And that is where a Microsoft Surface promo code comes to the rescue.

With Surface promo code, you now get a touch or type cover free with Surface RT. Of course, you’ll need to know which Surface suits you best, before taking the plunge. Here are a few things to think about:
  1. Surface RT is somewhat lighter and thinner than the 13.5 mm, 2lbs Pro. It also has a longer battery life but if your scales are more biased towards processing speed and compatibility, then you must look out for a Surface Pro coupon.
  2. Surface Pro also runs the full Office suite while Surface RT is content with core apps – Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote.
  3. If you are content with apps – games, entertainment, news and travel etc. – from Windows Store, Surface RT should serve good. But if you need to run programs that you earlier used on Windows 7, then you need the Pro.
  4. Surface Pro has advanced features like the ability to connect to a corporate domain and use Remote Access, but if you just need to connect to your work email, Surface RT does a good job too.
  5. From the Security perspective, Microsoft Surface Pro coupon brings tighter security than Surface RT. Enabled with enhanced features like Group Policy, BitLocker and TPM etc., it comes across as a more secure machine than Surface RT.
  6. Surface RT is always connected, even when it is in standby mode, which keeps your apps always updated. With Surface Pro however, your connectivity is snapped when your tablet hibernates or enters sleep mode.
  7. Surface RT is available in 2 storage capacities – 32 GB and 64 GB. Surface Pro has stronger capacities at 64 and 128 GB options.
  8. Surface Pro also comes with a pen and pen digitizer, that allows you to add a personal touch to your presentations and do a lot more!
If you are a student, it would be prudent to keep a watch for any Surface Pro student discount, that could let you buy Surface Pro at a really economical academic price.