Friday, 16 November 2012

Microsoft Surface Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2012

Intelligent.  Sensible.  Stylish. Surface is the sum of all these and more. Catch it at an amazing low, only with Microsoft Surface promo code.

Surface, which runs Windows RT on an ARM processor, is out in three versions. They range between $499 and $699 and include both 32 and 64GB versions. Check online for  Microsoft Surface Black Friday Deals, for a cheaper Surface. The basic 32 GB Surface, without a touch cover, costs $100 less than its Apple parallel. Even if you go for the 32 GB version, with cover, you end up saving $20 on the touch cover. So pricewise, it does great, even without a Surface tablet promo code.

Surface flaunts a 10.6 inch screen - larger than iPad and most other mainstream tablets. This facilitates a perfect 16:9 aspect ratio at a 1,366x768 pixels screen resolution. Most movies and TV shows correspond to this aspect ratio. So, the black bars on the screen top and bottom are history. Even movies shot in Scope afford a better view in Surface than on the iPad. To experience the pleasure of HD, at better prices, check out promo code for Microsoft Surface.

Surface $499 Only with Free Shipping
Weighing a pound and a half, Surface isn’t much heavier than the iPad either. If it does seem a bit bulky, the kickstand compensates in functionality, what it adds to the bulk. Offering an inclination of about 10 degrees when propped up, the kickstand ensures you can use Surface comfortably on your lap. The rear LifeCam angled at approximately 22 degrees shoots straight when the kickstand is engaged, so you can capture life from all sides. Skype with your family on the front-facing LifeCam and shoot from the rear – Surface makes you an awesome multi-tasker, and with a promo code Microsoft Surface, all this comes incredibly cheap!

Surface clicks with its audience much because of the iconic Touch and Type covers that double up as keypads-cum- screen guards. Intelligently implemented, they ensure power saving and automatic keypad turn off when not in use. The colour choice that Touch covers afford adds some more zing to Surface’s style quotient. Defying gravity, your Surface will hang pretty securely, when held by the keypads, unless you put it to some crazy testing! So, stay on the prowl – Windows Surface promo code can get you all this at a delightfully low price.

Surface comes pre-loaded with Windows RT, Microsoft Office 2013 RT, Xbox apps and other essentials. So, zoom in on friends, news, entertainment and everything that matters, with Surface promo code. You may also add-on with Microsoft Complete for Surface at $99, for a 2 year extended warranty and technical support from Microsoft.

Another area where Surface scores over iPad is that with Windows 8, a lot of apps like weather, news, people etc. appear as LIVE tiles, so unlike the iPad, you needn’t click through individual apps for updates – they’re just there before you! With loads of brownie points to its credit, let’s hope Surface comes with a surprise Black Friday Surface promo code. Merry Christmas!